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Straight From the Horse's Mouth

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I grew up on a horse ranch in Colorado where I spent many hours in the saddle.  In my youth I competed in 4-H, and with the American Paint Horse Assn. Although I no longer compete, I enjoy riding and driving my horses to this day. 

But how did I start on this trail to become a Cowgirl Poet?  (Never ask a storyteller that question without a cup of coffee in your hand.)  A few years back my husband and I joined a small cowboy church. I was asked to contribute to the monthly Cowboy Corral worship service, so I offered to recite poetry. Then I got busy and wrote a couple of poems about stories I  always wanted to tell.  With trembling hands and shaking legs, I shared my poems. Afterwards, an old man walked up to me, cane in hand, and said “You know that’s too good to go home and throw in a drawer”.  It was then I knew I had found my calling!  

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